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Beneteau Oceanis 473
steves boat

As boat owners you will be all too aware the problem that antifouling creates. Annual or Bi-Annual haul outs are not only costly and time consuming they are also lost money in the fact that you are never addressing the source problem of the micro organisms.

The break even point of the CMS Marine SonicShield depends on boat type and location but tests have shown that for a 47 ft Yacht residing in the Solent UK you can expect to break even in year 2 based on a generous 2 Yearly traditional antifouling. Every year after this you will be saving yourself time and money.

Data as of 17/2/2012

Year 1

Lift, Scrub, Block Off and
Relaunch at a well known south coast Marina
£ 614
25 Litres of Antifoul Paint £499
DIY Labour £0
Traditional Annual Antifouling Total £1113
SonicShield III £1213

Year 2
No action required saving £0 (Saving £1113)

If you would like more information on the above scenario or would like to discuss any details of the SonicShield products please contact us.

Blue Water Sunseeker Manhattan 60

Blue Water Sunseeker Manhattan 60

Equipped with twin MAN 900 CRM engines and a fuel tank capcity of 793 Gallons (3600 Litres) currently used for charter in Southern Spain.

Nick – the skipper explains:

After a pre-season scrub and antifoul this vessel will cruise at 26 Knots running the Twin MAN 900 at 2200 RPM with an approximate hourly fuel consumption of around 120 Litres. This means that on a day charter to a destination like Morocco she will consume approximately 800 Litres of fuel.

Towards the middle of the season (3/4 Months) we will see a drop off of her cruising speed to 22 Knots when running at 2200RPM. To achieve the desired cruising speed of 26 Knots I need to crank up the power to 2600RPM, this results in an additional 22 Litres an hour. The increased drag on the hull results in the same charter to Morocco costing an additional 145 Litres.

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