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- QUESTION: Do I need to drill through my hull to fit the transducers?
ANSWER:No through hull drilling is required for the installation. The transducer assembly comprises a nylon6 (Waterproof) nut that you will need to epoxy resin (glue) to a flat solid area of your hull. All installation equipment required is included in the kit. When the epoxy resin has dried you then simply screw the transducer down into the nut.
- QUESTION: How will I know the products running?
ANSWER:The actual transducers creates a small "clicking" sound when operational, the control unit also has status lights detailing the situation at any given time. If the transducers have been installed as per the instructions, you should find no significant growth on your hull.
- QUESTION: Where would I install the transducers on my boat?
ANSWER:The location of the transducers is the single most important decision you will make. The exact position is boat specific, we have experience with many models of boat both motor and sail and we also have links with many large manufactures. If you would like some advice on where to install the transducers on your boat give us a call and speak to our technical team.
- QUESTION: Is the system difficult to install?
ANSWER:Chasing the cables through the boat is the most time consuming item, but the overall installation is rather simple. Some basic electrical experience is necessary when connecting directly to the battery, alternative you can get a qualified marine electronics installer to help you with this section. If you would like advice from us on the best way to install the system just give us a bell.

(If you would prefer us @cmsmarine to install the unit for you we can arrange this!)
- QUESTION: Will your ultrasonic system work on my wooden hull?
ANSWER:Unfortunately as the ultrasonic waves require a solid surface to transfer through, wooden hulls can not be covered with this technology. GRP, Fibre Glass and all Steel hulls are excellent conductors of these frequencies.
- QUESTION: I am not sure what length of cable I will need to connect my transducer to my control box?
ANSWER:This is a common question. CMS Marine are able to supply custom length cables as we manufacture them in house. Please contact us before placing your order to discuss what length you will need. We are also able to supply an extension lead if you require it.
- QUESTION: I have a GRP hull with a sandwiched core, Will your unit work?
ANSWER:The transducers need to be installed onto the outer skin/core of any hull. If your boats hull is entirely constructed of a sandwich core you will need to access this outer hull by removing a small section big enough to accept the transducer. Most sandwich core boats have areas that are solid and so if the position is appropriate you can install in these areas. As always for advise on your installation give our technical team a call.
- QUESTION: How can I get more information on how to install the my SonicShield?
ANSWER:Please contact our technical team who will be happy to discuss the installation process with you, or we can email you a copy of our current installation manual.
- QUESTION: What if my product has not arrived within the stated delivery time?
ANSWER:All of our products are dispatched using a tracked service. As soon as an item is dispatched you will receive an email giving you details of your tracking number. You will also have a link to the companies website. If you have not received your goods within the time specified on the email, please contact us and we will do all we can to help.
- QUESTION: How long will it take for my order to arrive?
ANSWER:After receiving your order we will take payment within 5 working days and despatch your product within a weeks of order confirmation. All of our products are built in the UK to order. We will contact you if there are any problems. We are available on the phone or by email if you have any questions.

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