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All SonicShield systems can be tailor made to suit any application, if you would like to discuss this requirement with one of our technical team please give us a call.
When determining the correct solution for your boat the main consideration is water line length.

For boats < 10M CMS Marine recommend the SonicShield II.

The system comprises x 2 Transducers, both being located 1/3 from the Stern on opposite sides of the engine. This solution gives optimum cleaning performance to hull and peripherals i.e Rudder and Prop / running gear.

Unlike other systems available on the market the base system from CMS Marine provides 2 dedicated transducer for the stern of the boat. More power, More cleaning.

For more details click here: SonicShield II


BOATS 10M - 20M

For Boats with a waterline length > 10M but < 20M CMS Marine recommends the SonicShield III.

This system boasts x 3 Transducers and delivers the most powerful ultrasonic cleaning available. The fitting locations are the same as with the SonicShield II however the additional transducer is installed 1/3 from the bow of your boat to extend the cleaning range.

This is the most powerful product that CMS Marine supply as standard and combined with the intelligent power supply ensures optimum cleaning for your boat.

For more details click here: SonicShield III




For Vessels larger than 20M a bespoke solution can be offered as other considerations such as bathing platforms, larger bow thrusters, drive Pods etc will determine what solution CMS will offer.

If you want to discuss your requirement please call one of our sales team who will be happy to work with you to provide a solution.

Catamarans / Larger Vessels / Commercial Vessels
CMS Marine would suggest that x 4 Transducers are used on a Catamaran with a water line (each hull) of < 10M. This can easily be achieved by purchasing x 2 SonicShield II units (x 2 control boxes and x 4 transducers). To enquire about this set up or to discuss a bespoke solutions please give us a call.

For Catamarans with a waterline of between > 10M and <20M there are a again a multitude of options available. CMS Marine would suggest that the 2 to 3 ratio was maintained and so would suggest that x 6 Transducers are installed. The standard procedure for supplying a Catamaran of this size is to purchase x 2 SonicShield III units ( x 2 control boxes and x 6 transducers).

To enquire about this set up or to discuss a bespoke solution please give our sales team a call.


The ultrasonic frequencies require a solid structure to resonate around the hull of the vessel and for this reason the Steel / Metal hulls found on larger commercial vessels make the ideal location for the SonicShield units. The effects of down time / maintenance of larger commercial vessels has a much larger financial impact than to the recreational boat owner and so it is essential this down time is limited to the bare minimum.

By installing a bespoke solution by CMS Marine your vessel can benefit from increased hull efficiency and lower maintenance frequencies. For a bespoke quotation or to discuss your requirements with one of our technical team please give them a call. The fundamental development of this product is based around the power supply to ensure an optimum balance is obtained between power usage and cleaning efficiency.

In a large commercial vessel the additional power available can be harnessed to deliver maximum power to the transducers, our technical staff would welcome a discussion on how this maximum power can be achieved on your vessel.


All of our products are designed with a DIY Installation in mind. For a detailed instruction manual please email us at sales@cmsmarine.co.uk. Our Technical team are always on hand to take any installation enquires and provide details of the spare parts including Transducer extension, additional PIR's / door entry etc. If however you would prefer the product to be installed by one of our technical team please Contact Us to arrange a installation quotation.

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