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Who are CMS Marine?
CMS Marine was formed in 1982 and have developed electronic products for markets in the USA, Holland, Italy and Ireland to name but a few. We are based in the UK and had a export turnover of over £12 Million in 2011. SonicShield has been installed on our test boat for over 18 Months and has been continuously monitored and developed by our in-house engineering team. If you want to have a chat to us about our product, company, warranty or any other area of concern why not drop us an email or even better give us a call.
We don't supply an amp-Hour rating like other products.
Other products on the market are unable to vary the power supply so they can calculate the drain on your battery. They will keep running until the it detects low power and switches off your unit. If your unit is off it will not be cleaning your boat. All SonicShield products have an automatic low voltage cut off to ensure your battery does not drop below a usable level, However the intelligent control unit will detect that your battery is being discharged and will drop power to ensure cleaning continues until more power becomes available.
Our system is more powerful does this mean it will drain your battery?
The simple answer is NO!
The SonicShield transducers only use greater power if more power is available. This could be because you have got back to your marina and have plugged into AC shore power or it could be as simple as you are running your engine and charging the batteries. Because the control unit is intelligent it is able to ascertain if your battery is being charged (i.e power is increasing). This is patent pending technology and is part of a continuous development cycle we are undertaking to ensure optimum cleaning is achieved.
We are the only company with truly Intelligent Power.
Our Microprocessors are able to continuously monitor not only the supply of power available but also the STATUS of this supply. Our competitors also 'claim' to have intelligent power, they merely detect if you have AC shore power available and switch to this as a preference to conserve your battery. They DO NOT supply any more power to the transducers if an AC supply is detected. All of our units are able to supply more power to our transducers (upto 150% standard) if AC shore power is detected. We have developed our system to utilise the fact that if you have more power available to the unit, then you should have more power to the transducers, it is that simple.
We are the only company offering GSM control.
GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. It is more commonly referred to as SMS or Text messages in the UK. The GSM connectivity on all of our PLUS products all two-way communication between you and your unit. The intelligent control unit is able to send Alarm or Status updates direct to your mobile phone. You are also able to control your unit by sending it a SMS message. Arm and Dis-Arm the alarm, Activate or De-Activate the SonicShield cleaning, check your battery voltage, all from a text message.
You are able to add a PLUS package to any of our products.
Both our SonicShield II and SonicShield III units are able to be upgraded to a PLUS system. Included in the PLUS system is a Quad PIR, a 111dB Sound Bomb, a bilge float switch and a GSM (SMS) Control unit.
Seen other companies offering UltraSonic Cleaning products? Why would you buy a SonicShield ?
CMS Marine have over 30 Years experience in electronic engineering. All SonicShield products are supplied with 110V - 240V power supply as standard, whereas other companies on the market can charge over £100 for this privilege. With all SonicShield products you also benefit from the intelligent power supply that is continuously monitoring the available power and calculating how best to use this power to supply optimum cleaning. All this and an extra transducer for the same price as the competition results in this being the best value for money around.
Easy Installation
All SonicShield products have been designed to be performed as a DIY installation and can be performed safely whislt your boat is in the water as No through hull drilling is required. The only area that requires some consideration is that the 12V / 24V operation requires a permanent 'Live' supply via an in-line fuse, If you are not competent in this area we would advise contacting a qualified marine electronics installer. If you would prefer to have CMS Marine install your product please feel free to give one of our technical team a call on 01452 380100 or email us at Sales@cmsmarine.co.uk
We provide maximum protection for your rudder / prop / running gear.
Our system provides two dedicated transducers to protect your prop and rudder from fouling. By their nature the prop and rudder are not directly attached to the boats hull. The principals of ultrasonic frequencies require a solid surface to pass through for maximum protection. Glands and couplings associated with your prop and rudder reduces the effectiveness of the frequencies. Our research has shown that by adding more power to the transducers at the stern of your boat, the system ensure your prop and rudder is protected by providing maximum cleaning in this area.

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